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Salt Power

for You and Your Powerplace

Get ready for the Golden Age




Salt Power for you and your Powerplace

You and your Power Place - are you ready for the Golden Age?

Do you have a Power Place in which you already live or you plan to live there soon? Maybe you don’t know how to go on and you ask yourself, which are the next steps at your Power Place?

Then this offer is for you!

What do I offer you?

I come to you at your Power Place and together we make you and your Power Place fit for the Golden Age!

You will experience you and your place on a new level and we release, recognise, dissolve, initiate, transform, give birth, plant seeds and much more. And for sure we have a lot of joy!

How does this work?

With my presence you and your Power Place will be touched to flooded with Salt energy. You recognise yourself in the Salt, as well as nature and all creatures remember themselves and their origin in the Light of God. You feel your self worth and you show yourself to the world! Salt grounds you and pushes you to do practice.
Salt is an accelerator and everyone who has contact with it, is longing to take his own place and to serve God. For this everything is going really fast and simple.

The joy and abundance on all levels are invited as well as to enjoy life on EARTH to the fullest! This is also in our soul plans for the Golden Age! Get ready!

What will we do?

Whatever it takes.

What is your benefit?

  • A shift at your place

  • The Divine Plan for the Golden Age is unfolding, your next steps become clear.

  • High speed for you and your place

  • Old stories are just dissolved

  • Become visible! The world needs you!

  • Peace

  • And much much more

Requirements for this offer:

  • Absolute openness to receive your power

  • Absolute openness to let go everything which does not serve you anymore.

  • Absolute willingness to walk your path and to take your place.

  • Absolute willingness to become visible.

  • Absolute focus to follow your soul plan

  • Absolute devotion

  • Absolute determination for the here and now and the Golden Age - so if you prefer to stay involved in old stories and dramas it is not for you, but who wants to do so?

  • A car to visit different places

What is your investment in you and your Power Place?

I spend 2 days of my life time (hours 10 - 17) with you and your Power Place: 7500 Euro* (every additional day is 2500 Euro)

We share my expenses for traveling and accommodation.

Includes also a prior talk to crystallise what it is all about with you and your place and as well my time of preparation!

*for my Greek friends I offer a special price, contact me

Why do I offer this?

Because it is my joy to support you and your Power Place to reach the Golden Age as quickly as possible! Because you are important!

Some insights from Alinea, whome I visited at her Power Place at Ephesus/Turkey lately. It was really amazing, how quickly nature and all energies responded to our work. A quick shift was made in a short time and everything inviting the Golden Age !

Alinea .png

Personal Coach, Athor

Alinea Smaragda

"When i moved here in Ephesus, everybody was asking why i came here, they assumed that it was because of the love of a man, they thought i was an immigrant to Turkey due to love and i was. But my love was Ephesus, she was my call and my lover, and i found the "Lovers" here, inside me, as a union that became a rose in my heart.

Ephesus was longing to be free as i was longing the same. We became one body with the land. And we had to meet first the old stories, the old paradigms, the old sacred couples , but none of them could be part of the new future. Each one of them had to find their own death - end. And this is what happened.

I had only a few things with me when i arrived, but i had enough Salt and Love. Since the beginning Salt was mainly my partner in crime, it was transforming and dissolving the old, building the connections and helping me to re open closed paths of Christlight, the new rivers of love of this land.

And Indeed i had pour so much salt, that finally Salica came here!

One and a half year of intense work and already two days now full of joyful and awesome energetic work together with Salica, in grace and high speed, my land is ready for the golden age we, are ready. 

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