What is Salty Soul Coaching?

This is something that many poeple may wonder. Well, you all know life coaching right? The difference with soul coaching is that the person doing the coaching connects to your soul and receive clear information about your path here on Earth and the all the possibilities of your life,

Soul Coaching focuses in a different way – not so much on the problem you have to solve, but on the big source of solutions which your soul provides for you – you have got the answer inside but you can´t hear it by yourself.

So you need somebody who can read your soul. 

Salty Soul Coaching brings the “soulutions” from your soul to earth.

It connects you with your inner wisdom.

It opens up your space for your soul vision to become reality on earth.



 Salty Soul Coaching is for you if you:

  • have to face some challenges and need support.

  • want to check out whether you follow your soul plan.

  • want to know, how to bring your soul plan on earth.

  • want to live and to spread bliss, joy and endless love.

  • want to take back your full power and

  • to live your most exciting and sparkling version of yourself!

In need for an urgent and powerful support?

Book your Salty soul coaching with me now!

50 min via zoom or skype - 390 Euro

Salty Soul Coaching Plans

Coaching Plan

You need powerful input in a short period of time! This is for you!

What you receive: Questionnaire to prepare our time together, 3 sessions on zoom (skype).

3 sessions a 50 min in six weeks:

1100 Euro (you save 60 Euro)


Coaching Plan

You need some more powerful input to find your path again! This is for you!

What you receive: Questionnaire to prepare our time together, 5 sessions on zoom (skype) during 10 weeks.

5 sessions a 50 min in 10 weeks:

1800 Euro 


Coaching Plan

You really want to follow your Soul Path! Great! You deserve it!

What you receive: Questionnaire to prepare our time together, 8 sessions on skype, after the 6th session you receive a reading for your actual situation in life - priceless!

8 sessions  a 50 min in 16 weeks, Salt Reading:

2900 Euro 


Coaching Plan

One session personal coaching for a quick and intense impact on your life!

50 min on zoom (skype)

390 Euro 

Are you interested in a Salty Soul Coaching program but you can't decide which package is better for you in this stage of your life?

We are going to check it out together.

Let´s get connected and talk eye to eye! 

Book your free 15 min skype session with me now! 



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What my clients say about soul coaching?

Marita Feßl - Hölzl.jpg

Marita Feßl - Hölzl 

I am happy and grateful, that I booked Soulcoaching sessions with you! this made things happen, which all the years before weren't possible for me. 5 Coaching sessions with you made it possible that I became also self - employed. Now I design my homepage. My graphic designer works on my logo. Now I experience it as pure joy to create my logo, which I received before in a past life work. In the place where had been fear and standstill now I feel vivid joy of life and the lust for living my life. Result:  I always would do it again!


Karin Margarita


" Touching. It reminds you who you really are !! What are the gifts you bring to Earth It reminds you that you are a Divine being that comes from light and love, and helps you to express this on Earth !!


Alinea Smaragda

" Salt is a powerful facilitator of transformation and effortless change. It reconnects you with your own truth and the purest part of yourself. It has the capacity to bring back into unity split energetic aspects and parts. This is very essential for someone to remember first of all and consequently to experience wholeness again"