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1:1 Mentoring

A Journey of a lifetime

The embodiment of my Love

From Heaven to Earth

for You beloved

1:1 Mentoring

You are the courageous woman who is absolutely determined to turn her light all the way up and stop standing in the 2nd row.
You are completely ready to stand at the forefront of your life and dedicate yourself to your life dream with absolute joy! To manifest your vision! You don't have a vision? Then we will find it out together.

Ask yourself:
• Where do you want to be in 6 months?
• Where do you want to be in 1 year?
• Where do you want to be in 10 years?
• What do you want to feel at the end of your life when you look back on your life?
• You have already done some personality, mindset, and energy work and are aware of the spiritual
• Nevertheless, you still have phases where you reach your limits or fall into old behavior patterns.
• You do not get beyond a certain point.
• You want more - more freedom, more clarity, more joy, more pleasure, more success, more
adventure, more femininity, more YOU on all levels!
• Whatever YOUR LIFE DREM is - it is already waiting for you!

You say yes to "Manifestation Master 1:1 Mentoring" and then?

When you come into my mentoring, you are the star on the stage, on which I direct all my light!
Little by little you can accept that you are the star on the stage of your life!
At the beginning of our collaboration, we formulate a clear goal - where do you want to go?
Everything that is needed for you personally to take this place on your life stage completely, with
ease, lustful joy, and tingling adventurousness, we will make it possible together for you!
And important! - Wherever you are on your life path - the absolute goal is to develop constant
enjoyment of your vision, your goals, and the adventure of your life! And to stand up for it with full
power and to go! No matter what others say and think!

Only YOU are important on this journey to yourself!
The concrete steps to bring your vision for this life on earth!
And that regardless of whether life has challenging aspects right now or everything is easy!

My 1:1 Mentoring is always unique for every woman - as every woman is unique!

What is unique about my mentoring?

In this offer, I have incorporated all my knowledge, my wealth of experience from over 20 years of
accompanying people, the Salt Worlds**, my core competence* and everything else I have in my
treasure chest!

This means for you:

  • absolute transformation, healing, and realignment

  •  New spaces will be opened

  • Your vision becomes more visible

  • Manifestation

  • Agreements for action

  •  Individual for your needs

Is this Mentoring for you?

  • Yes, if you are completely ready to commit to yourself (also to the shadows!)

  • Yes, if you are 100% determined to live yourself and your vision

  • Yes, if you are ready to show yourself and be seen

  • Yes, if you want to enjoy and honor life on earth without limits through your full presence

  • No, if you only want to scratch the surface a little bit

  • No, if you prefer to stay on the sofa.

  • No, if you want to continue hiding yourself

  • No, if you feel comfortable in the 2nd row

The encounter with my energy field can definitely initiate
great changes - so be ready and at the same time without expectations.

A really lasting change needs some time, even now when everything is going fast!
That's why I definitely recommend you the Mentoring Gold, which includes 4 months with me.
For intermediate steps and smaller investments, there is also the Mentoring Silver and Basic.


*My core competence "Gymnastic exercise - turn your world upside down" is the revolutionary
energy, which it needs in this time of upheaval, to shape the change actively and in your sense for
you on your personal level!!!! Otherwise, the current of change might drive you haphazardly
somewhere. My core competence comes from my original light and brings in seconds all your
hidden parts to light, integrates them, and makes them available for you. What does not belong to
you will no longer occupy you. As simple. So be ready for gigantic fast change!
**Salt Worlds = Divine Consciousness - explosive power, speed, lightness, transformation and

You are interested? Please book a free call with me:

The facts:



1st Packet


4 months of accompaniment in 1:1 mentoring.
You get everything and so much more:
  • 8 x 1:1 mentoring (50 min)
  • Telegram support Mo-Sat (answer within 48 hours) 4 months + 2 weeks follow-up support
  • Implementation tasks
  • Salt energizing
  • Meditations and clearings
  • Participation in my monthly short seminars included
  • Exclusive: Salt Reading (value: 870 Euro)
  • Bonus material
Your investment in yourself: 3700 Euro one-time payment
Payment in installments:2 installments a 2017 Euro / 4 installments a 1077 Euro)

2nd Packet


 2 months of support in 1:1 mentoring
A powerful boost!
  • 4 x 1:1 Mentoring (50 min)
  • Telegram support Mo-Sat (response within 48 hours) 2 months + 2 weeks follow-up support
  • Implementation tasks
  • Salt energizing
  • Meditations and clearings
  • Participation in my monthly short seminars (included)
  • Bonus material

Your investment in yourself: 2100 Euro one-time payment
(Payment in installments: 2 installments an 1177 Euro)

3rd Packet


1 session - Emergency session
  • 1:1 Mentoring (50 min)
  • 1-week aftercare Mo-Sat Telegram support (answer within 48 hours)

Your investment in yourself:  770 Euro one-time payment

My Core Competence will make you flexible where you are not able to move by yourself, either you don't trust yourself enough.



Spiritual Teacher & Coach, Author

Alinea Smaragda

Salica's core competence arrived at a time that I was about to embark on something new.  I had already received a strong call that I have to move into a new leadership with the expression of my light and in my life generally and her work brought that forth. It gave me a very soft yet strong boost to recognize with clarity many things that were waiting to manifest in my life and I was holding them back , I  standed by. Many of them I knew already but I was denieng to myself access to them,  because of some very hidden subconscious fears around the expression of the origin of my light and mainly about the unveiling of my destiny, and this was something to realize more  a little bit later. The magic of the core competences is that makes things move.  The work carried with much care, respect, and softness. I felt safe and very relaxed to go through the whole process. The energetic part of this work was awesome, exciting, and very joyful. I realized that a big fear I always had, very common maybe for other women, was my biggest dream. Finally, I could perceive it free from my own framing and I caught myself saying, yes, I am going to do it!  I am very curious and can't wait to experience this joy and all this creation also in my terrestrial life when all these things we saw together find their manifestation. Thank you Salica for this wonderful work, and I am so grateful that I've received it especially from you, I love you.


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