Gymnastic Exercise

Your World
Upside down

A Journey of a lifetime

The embodiment of my Love

From Heaven to Earth

for You beloved

In a time, in which all of us experience our world to stands on its head,  a new core competence comes, which turns your world upside down? Why?

Because it is exactly suitable for this time!

My core competence brings you in salty - magnetic light speed into your new world, so that the outside is no longer so important. You open yourself to your own world - and for this, you may first turn your old world upside down.

Maybe you wonder how it works?

While I open the energy of my core competence "gymnastic exercise", what you still keep hidden falls out of your "energetic pockets". That moment you realize that you are not so helpless as you may feel right now, but have brought unexpected qualities, treasures, and forces from your soul's home, which you have hidden very well so far.

At the beginning I thought "oh dear, gymnastics exercise, that sounds exhausting" - but in the meantime, I can say that it is the opposite. It is exhausting to hold on to the old world, your old self-image, and the outdated structures and patterns that already feel stale and don't suit you anymore! But you yourself do not see, where your path leads, how your new world looks like. And there it is where my competence unfolds and helps you to turn everything upside down and to make your qualities visible.

So all you need to step into your new world is the devotion to yourself, the readiness to see yourself in a new way, and the courage to jump - into the unknown, which however carries the certainty of your soul wisdom, so actually very familiar.

On which dimension do you want to swing?

On the gray or on the sparkling, glittering dimension of your own world?

Now is the time to be yourself - we may often say that, but the implications of this are far greater than you could have imagined. You are so much more than what you think, bring it into your world, allow yourself to manifest more and more of your light on earth! I would be happy to help you with my core competencies!

The CC has different steps, so it makes sense to do several sessions and let them accompany you over a few weeks until your new world is on solid ground. Therefore I've created 3 different packets:

We meet online on zoom, (Skype, messenger) and turn your world upside down!


1st Packet

3 sessions

1st session 50min, 2nd, and 3rd session 20min

Special Price 1500 Euros

(You agree to write/record a testimonial afterward)


2nd Packet

7 sessions

Ist session 50min, 2-6 session 20min

Price 2900 Euros

(You agree to write/record a testimonial afterward)


3rd Packet

Get to Know the Core Competence

50minutes session

Introductory price 750 euro

(You agree to write/record a testimonial afterward)


My Core Competence will make you flexible where you are not able to move by yourself, either you don't trust yourself enough.



Spiritual Teacher & Coach, Author

Alinea Smaragda

Salica's core competence arrived at a time that I was about to embark on something new.  I had already received a strong call that I have to move into a new leadership with the expression of my light and in my life generally and her work brought that forth. It gave me a very soft yet strong boost to recognize with clarity many things that were waiting to manifest in my life and I was holding them back , I  standed by. Many of them I knew already but I was denieng to myself access to them,  because of some very hidden subconscious fears around the expression of the origin of my light and mainly about the unveiling of my destiny, and this was something to realize more  a little bit later. The magic of the core competences is that makes things move.  The work carried with much care, respect, and softness. I felt safe and very relaxed to go through the whole process. The energetic part of this work was awesome, exciting, and very joyful. I realized that a big fear I always had, very common maybe for other women, was my biggest dream. Finally, I could perceive it free from my own framing and I caught myself saying, yes, I am going to do it!  I am very curious and can't wait to experience this joy and all this creation also in my terrestrial life when all these things we saw together find their manifestation. Thank you Salica for this wonderful work, and I am so grateful that I've received it especially from you, I love you.