Salica  Healing School

The Salt of the Earth - Salica Healing School

An international certificated training for Salt Priestesses and Salt-Priests that gives to each participant the opportunity to start a new career in the field of energy healing,  and  to  enrich with this new knowledge  her/his existent business.

Furthermore the wisdom and power of Light -Salts  is a great tool for personal development, expansion of the awareness and transformation of one's life layer by layer.

Salica introduces a very powerful new energy healing method which is created especially for the time where we are now - the shifting of awareness, where the body and mind suffers often.  It is suitable to all kinds of body, mind and soul issues. A complete protocol of treatments which corresponds and treats all the levels of the human existence.

Salt Healing is the healing method of the Golden Age.

Impressions from the last Salt Healing Trainings  in Jordan , Crete and France.
Dead Sea
olive 4th chakra

The sacred teaching of the Salts was reborn in Crete and is now spreading all over the world. It`s a great blessing for every place, where the seminar takes place, as the Earth healing will offer benefits for mankind and nature.

The 7 power places that are associated with the Salts and the chakras may be activated once again. The deepest healing you will see in yourself – as you become reconnected to your soul source, a powerful transformation and a newborn YOU!

In every place in the world where the seminar “The Salt of the Earth” is held, the connections of Salt flow between Heaven and Earth are created new or strengthened.

The Salts are one of the most important energies for this process: The connections between Heaven and Earth are becoming stronger again. The more Salt energy flows on Earth, the more awareness and awakening is possible. Salt helps you to recognize who you are. It makes you shine brightly. It is the basis forPeace on Earth

During the training you will receive initiations, so you can give healing therapy

with the Salt Energies.

You will also receive 21 energized Salt Products for the chakras, the body and to add to your food.

These are characterized by there deep healing potential, crystalline purity and divine energy.

One of your duties as a Salt Priestess or Priest will  be to perform rituals

for the Earth and the Salts.

You will be able to give deep energy healing therapies, massage and spa treatments

and you can combine your new knowledge with your own business.



Why to use Salt Healing

We need Salts not only in their physical form but also as Salt Energies. We can cure a lot of illnesses with Salt- Healing, as the Salt Energy contains the information how a balanced and healthy state of body, mind and soul should be.

All life on Earth is based on Water, Salt and Light. Recognizing the value of Salt is itself healing – and so you can see also your own value.


The cosmos of the Energetic Salts nourishes the Earth with Light from beginning of time.

The Salt flow between Heaven and Earth is becoming stronger again, as the time has come to remind mankind of its source. It contains a huge abundance of (healing) knowledge, wisdom and purity. The Salts bring healing to everyone, who dares to live herself/himself which means her/his own light.

What you can do with Salt -Healing

Generally Salt-healing fits every kind of illness on every level (body, mind, soul). Here you should not – healing means not in every case immediate relief from the illness, but to begin the steps forward for the healing of the whole person and soul. This can be for example to forgive somebody.

As a Salt-Priestess/Priest you recognize at once the deeper context of a situation and so you can bring the healing impulse to the basic point. You will see also unconscious and unreleased themes, fears and traumas of your clients and you will guide them very clearly on their healing path.

You will always be connected with the Universe of the Salts – you will receive pure advice about what you have to do at every moment with your clients.

You can offer healing sessions, deep healing massages, healing group meditations, Salt ceremonies and other therapeutic healing gatherings.

Children: They really love Salt-Healing! Phenomena of our days such as Autism, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder can be treated as children are very receptive to Salt-Healing, maybe because they feel recognized for what they are, for the very first time in life.

Be the Salt of the Earth!

Over the last decades many people have become more aware of themselves. Many of them awaken in their own light and their consciousness increases.

At the same time we see increasing polarity leading to war and disrespect for nature and animals. Suddenly we are affected by serious illnesses, life crises, depression, and burnout and so on.

Only if light comes into the darkness can you see what`s inside the darkness. As the intensity of light steadily increases this is an uplifting experience for a lot of people in their own light – but the one who wants to keep his old structures will suffer from it. Salt always offers clarity and dissolves darkness.

What do you personally gain from becoming a Salt healer?

In the training you will remember who you really are. Your devotion to the Salt dissolves the burden of your past and you can show yourself again with your true shining nature.

To become aware of the value of the Salt means also to heal yourself and to see your own true value. This will guide people to you, because you will just shine like Salt and so attract people like a magnet. You will be a guide for those who are looking for support.

After the training you will be consciously the Salt of the Earth – you carry the light wherever you are. Therefore you will speed up everybody around you.

You take your own place in existence and you let your light shine brightly! The time will come, when all people are ready to do the same- this will be the day when divine peace will arise on Earth!

Salt Priestesses & Priests Raves

Alinea Ad. Smaragda

Salt Healer, Energy Feng Shui Consultant, Artist, Writer

The Salt of the Earth is a complete healing system which gave me the opportunity to deepen in my own path and transformation but also, to widen my knowledge and services in energy healing. I totally trust Light-Salts, they are part of my daily life.  I use them in my food, my bath, to support and protect my energy bodies-chakras, i meditate with them,  and yet in my sessions with clients as they works really quickly and effectively in all the levels.

Surtana Evaggelia Sakaveli

Salt Healer, Philologist

As a Saltpriestess ι follow the vocation of my soul and provide healing therapies with the healing knowledge of the Salt and assist the living souls, through over the world, in communicating deeper with their soul and enlighten their lives with the presence of God. The unity of the physical and light body comes through energy massage, spa treatments and chakra cleansing. 

Inanda Maria Zervou

Yoga and Dance Teacher

Only a few words is enough for this kind of experience... Only when you experience something like this you can see the greatness and the magic. Salts still work inside me...I felt a connection from the beginning. Purity and strong connection with Jesus. It works beyond time and dimensions. They helped me bring God in now, here.. To bring my power back, they helped me aknowledge the purpose.

Mata Rui Karatza

Salt-Healer, Actress

Light Salts training with Salica Geiger is the best gift you can do for yourself.  Those of you who feel the calling to become a healer, or you simply feel the need for a spiritual, mental and physical healing, indulge in the magic of Ligth Salts. They have a magical way to penetrate  deep inside us dissolving darkness and communication stuctures where don't work anymore, also false beliefs and residues form other lives that create blockages  in the conquer of hapiness, abundance and unconditional love! As a Salt-Healer, i feel the need to commune this unique and pioneer healing method that will change your life and reposition your life at the leadership state in the golden age.  

Karin Margarita Voikou

Salt Healer, Massage Therapist, Alpha Chi Consultant

The Light Salts helps us to come closer to our inner peace and to our true self. Their healing energy works on all levels and they remind us our divine origin which we all have inside ourselves. It would be my great honour and joy to accompany you on this healing path and to help you to remember yourself.

Love and Salt. Karín

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