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Salica  Healing School

The Salt of the Earth - Salica Healing School

An international certificated training for Salt Priestesses and Salt-Priests that gives to each participant the opportunity to start a new career in the field of energy healing,  and  to  enrich with this new knowledge  her/his existent business.

Furthermore the wisdom and power of Light -Salts  is a great tool for personal development, expansion of the awareness and transformation of one's life layer by layer.

Salica introduces a very powerful new energy healing method which is created especially for the time where we are now - the shifting of awareness, where the body and mind suffers often.  It is suitable to all kinds of body, mind and soul issues. A complete protocol of treatments which corresponds and treats all the levels of the human existence.

Salt Healing is the healing method of the Golden Age.

Impressions from the last Salt Healing Trainings  in Jordan , Crete and France.
Dead Sea
olive 4th chakra

The sacred teaching of the Salts was reborn in Crete and is now spreading all over the world. It`s a great blessing for every place, where the seminar takes place, as the Earth healing will offer benefits for mankind and nature.

The 7 power places that are associated with the Salts and the chakras may be activated once again. The deepest healing you will see in yourself – as you become reconnected to your soul source, a powerful transformation and a newborn YOU!

In every place in the world where the seminar “The Salt of the Earth” is held, the connections of Salt flow between Heaven and Earth are created new or strengthened.

The Salts are one of the most important energies for this process: The connections between Heaven and Earth are becoming stronger again. The more Salt energy flows on Earth, the more awareness and awakening is possible. Salt helps you to recognize who you are. It makes you shine brightly. It is the basis forPeace on Earth

During the training you will receive initiations, so you can give healing therapy

with the Salt Energies.

You will also receive 21 energized Salt Products for the chakras, the body and to add to your food.

These are characterized by there deep healing potential, crystalline purity and divine energy.

One of your duties as a Salt Priestess or Priest will  be to perform rituals

for the Earth and the Salts.

You will be able to give deep energy healing therapies, massage and spa treatments

and you can combine your new knowledge with your own business.

Next online training starts in July 2023!

For more details please contact:

Salica Healing School - The Salt of the Earth Attiki 2020
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