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Passionate on guiding people
with the love, the wisdom and 
the power of the Salt

Salica is a spiritual Teacher and Master with more than 20 years of experience in leading spiritual seminars, guiding people to find their path and embrace their power, throughout soul coaching, individual sessions and lots of transformation work. She has her own school “ Salica Healing School ”, which is unique in the world,  “The Salt of the Earth”, is a series of certified Salt Healer trainings many special places around the world. Salt-Priestesses and Salt-Priests, after the end of the training are capable and independent Salt Healers, yet supported by the Salt Healing International network.

Back in  2007 she moved from Germany to Crete, following the call of her soul to live and to serve at her power place on Earth. In Iraklio/Crete she founded the “Salica Healing Center – Lightcenter – a place for all people who are looking for PEACE, transformation and support to find themselves. After12 years, her job has accomplished and she returned back to Germany.

Salica offers her services online as well as "live" in seminars and teachings. 

Her abilities are the result of her natural gift and many years of training and working experiences in different cultures (Germany, France, USA, Cyprus and Greece) with people from all over the world.

Her work is based on universal LOVE, the transformation power of FIRE and the purity and divine energy of SALT.

" As a person that has devoted in my path and the mysteries of my soul,

I came and live with a mission in this world.

My mission

Peace on Earth

 My Vision  

Divine Peace will reign on Earth and mankind will live in harmony with nature and animals.

I believe 

that people can make a difference in the world, they just have to find their place:

What this means?

“ Your place ” means that you found yourself, your life task and that you practice it in daily life. If you found your own place you will have no need to be jealous of what your neighbour has got, because you are very satisfied and happy with your place. There is no need for wars anymore, because we see the divine in every being, starting from yourself"

Except the Healing School, Salica guides people in several seminars that take place online and offline. 

These are intensive transformative seminars who help people to create deep changes in their being and their lifes: 

Family Karma Release, "Peace  in the Past , Peace in the Future" 

Salting your Essence.

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