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The Beauty of the

Salt World

Knowledge from the Cosmos of the Salts 

The Salt Worlds have the gift of knowledge and wisdom – about everything and everybody and also about YOU! Salt can heal information gaps in your system, so that you are able to remember yourself and become more complete.

You get in contact with the energy of your soul which is your true identity.

A Salt Reading is for you, when you have these questions inside:

Do you want to know more about yourself and your purpose in life?

Why you are here at this moment in life?

Are you longing to get in contact with the voice and energy of your soul?

Do you want to know more about who you are and where you come from?

Salt Reading packets  inspired Just for You

Salt Soul Reading

The Salt Soul Reading is a very special experience as you might have the feeling that for the very first time you are in touch with innermost being.

When you receive the recording you might feel a bit nervous and your heart

is beating fast. When you then hear the recording you will feel the energy that comes directly from your own soul heaven! This brings you immediate healing in the connection of your soul with your being on Earth at the moment.

If you don't have received your Spiritual Name, it will come together with your Salt Soul Reading!

About 40-50 min recorded as mp3 and emailed to you. 

Price: 1470 euro (incl. 19% vat)

"I feel so blessed for the support the Annual Salt Reading offers me during all the year... The information, the techniques, and the meditation I receive from dear Salica and the World of Salts, make me stronger and help me surpass any difficulties. They make me calmer and relieve from anxiety, they connect me with the purpose of my Soul. This guidance is the best present for my Soul, the best annual present for me, nurturing my self-love and my self-care"

 Thank you, dear Salica. Thank you, World of Salts...

Elan Christina Kallitsounaki

"By reading the Salts I have a direction, it keeps me on my way, in my purpose. I see and recognize myself more and my pieces heal deeply and easily. Even if there is „chaos" around me, it is the way I am in my love and my trust"

Lana Koliofouka

"Since 2016, a favorite habit for every new year is my personal Salt Reading for the year from Salica! It's one of the finest gifts I can give myself! It prepares me for the energies of the new year and at the same time directs me towards where to focus my energy, for the best possible results for me !! The Salt Reading often contains information that helps us to reunite with our forgotten parts of ourselves! The annual personal meditation is very supportive as well !!!

Karin Souvatzoglou

Are you interested in a

Salt Reading for your Soul, but you are not sure which one?

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