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Salica wishes you lots of fun and success with the seminar!

You can access the seminar via this link:

New money frequency for your business!

ATTENTION: Be sure to save this page or copy the video link directly!

⚜️Welcome to the seminar for a new era in your business - with increased money frequency and new awareness! It is sure to be very insightful and transformative for you! 


⚜️Do you want to increase your overall energy and long for a permanently high vibration? 


⚜️book a free 20 min appointment with me and we will see together if and how I can best support you with my offers! 


⚜️Wichtig: come prepared to our conversation and tell me your most important concern, your most important problem! I am very much looking forward to getting to know you! 




Salica Geiger 

Trainings (Salt Consciousness Level I and II) Seminars for Rising Consciousness

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