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Family Karma Release


Family Karma Release

Release from karmic family structures and boundaries.

In this seminar we will work on a deep release to bring freedom for and from the ancestors and the history of the family lines. Often we carry the whole history, guilt, pain, traumas … from our ancestors on our shoulders. This prevents us from living ourselves to the fullest. We are struggling not only with our own Karmic structures but also with the ones of our family. This seminar initiates a very deep healing process which will continue also after the seminar. It is healing for yourself and for your whole family line in the past, the presence and the future. Time to be free!

In Details:

Our family can be a great blessing – provides security, care, unconditional love, pride, safe home, food, affection, warm arms, support, freedom, tradition ….

Our family may also suffering – liabilities, anxiety, jealousy, karmic commitments, darkness, lack of love, expectations, anger, violence, lies, injustice, prison, narrow structures, tradition …

Typically our family and has these two elements.

Generally there are 3 main karmic ways that are linked / connected with others:

– Personal karma

– Family Karma

– Karma of the country you were born-live

The family karma can hold us back in life – although you do work for your personal development and release of your personal karma, karma of the family can be jamming continuously in front of you.

If you have such a sense or, even, want to do something wonderful for the whole family – come and work on maternal and paternal side, their ancestors and children.

The family structures, especially in Crete, have a weight of the country’s history and a tendency for hardness and denial trends. This creates pain to the family members because we live in a time when everyone is invited to walk his own path. The one who walks the Path, it doesn’t mean that he loves less his family or that the family loses its value, is just a change at the quality of freedom and the unconditional love.

Generally, ancestors support us with strength and love – this, however, they can do it only when they are liberated and in peace.

This seminar will heal family structures and thus bring peace (a prerequisite for good relations) in yesterday and today.

Only when you liberate yourself from the weight that you keep on your shoulders from the family you will get your energy freedom back from the members of your family.

It’s time to release these burdens and bring your Heaven on Earth.

It was never before so "easy" as it is now for someone to release his/her ancestors and himself/herself from old ties!

It’s on your judgment! Do you want to be free – free from impacts from other lives?

In this seminar I will support you with all my power and tools (Salt Worlds, Core Competence...) to free you as much as you can stand it! 


  • 2 days online seminar via zoom (daily: 9.30 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 16.30 (German time zone))

  • Salt Energizing for a powerful Freedom and Forgivness Ritual

  • Preparation: Meditation and instructions will be sent to you after registration

  • Follow-up: 2 weeks for your questions available 

Languages: English, Greek, German (depends on participants)

Date: 11/12 March 2023

Investment in your freedom and peace: 1700 Euro

sign in until March 6th 2023:




Meerah Baum

Attending the 2-day Family Karma Release Seminar I was able to realise and let go deep rooted karmic patterns that I was not able to reach before. There were situations and my reactions to it, where I knew, this is not myself reacting, but I couldn’t change, let go of my emotions. In the seminar I was able to see that pattern in my family line and to heal it, not only for myself, but for the involved family members as well.

During the seminar Salica frequently guides you to her Salt Healing Worlds which have an incredible and unique power. Something you need to experience for yourself either in this seminar or in another seminar Salica offers.

 Spiritual Teacher / Cyprus -Nicosia


Andreas Katsimidis

Genuinely grateful to Salica for the seminar on Family Karma, in Nicosia, Cyprus, Nov. 2016. I feel blessed to have (eventually!) been able to attend it and furthermore to have had the opportunity to work with Salica as well as with all the attendees that made for an amazing group! Thank you, Salica! Thank you, all!

 Kerkira - Greece


Alinea Smaragda

They found space for expression and strengthened potential and special qualities inside me and not only that:

I've started writing articles in 2 different newspapers, and one of my articles published in a wide-ranging magazine Elephant Journal.

Now I have two personal Blog, to share my thoughts and my ideas.
A great project on hold...
Old knowledge awakened within me.
Family Relatiosnships normalized and some relationships that were deadlocked found another way throughout my own peace and love.
and much more that I keep on a more personal level.

Personal Coaching & Feng Shui Consultant / Turkey - Kusadasi

Maria Konstantinou_edited.jpg

Maria Konstantinou

" The Karma Release seminar, marked my life and i feel more lighter"

Cyrpus - Nicosia

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