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Salting your Essence

From the Akasha of the Salts 

2 Days seminar to Reveal yourself in the Light of the Salts

Do you know who you are?

Which qualities you brought into this life and which are your specific powers?

The seminar will be with the special support of the cosmos of Light Salts. Similar with the Akasha, there is included everything about you, from the past and the future, so you can be sure that many doors inside of you, which were closed until now, can open again with the power of Light Salts.

Do you dare to be yourself?

Want your light to shine strong and bright?

Come and join us!

The world needs your full potential!

2 days seminar 10 - 17 (German time zone)

Energy compensation: 1500 Euro

Next date probably in the fall of 2021! 



Nisira Louka

"Salica has been my first spiritual teacher in this path. I was given my spiritual name, my soul mission from her. With this seminar she brought me to the blissful experience to reconnect with my Source, to see who I really am, to see the energy body of my true Self, to see closer my gifts from heaven and how to use them on earth. It s such a determining seminar that, in my opinion, should be the Path into Light-Part ΙΙ. I m grateful to her for this journey to my true essence! Nisira "

Nisira Louka / Acc Consultant / Light -Center Leader Crete - Plakias


Karin MargaritaSouvatzoglou

" I received my spiritual name, which is Karín in 2013. It means the one who knows the dance of the sword! In 2016 with the seminar “ Recognize yourself in the light of the Salts” it was the first time where I could recognize myself as KARIN! For the very fist time I could see myself, my light and my source. I saw my swords for the first time and I was able to become one with their dance. I remembered that I am a light being and love. I stopped to fight against myself and others, I connected with the Divine Mother, with my love and my peace! Thank you very much Salica, that you supported and helped me to remember " 

Karin Souvatzoglou / Acc Consultant / Lightcenter Leader Crete - Sitia


Alinea Smaragda

"A seminar which initiates you in your own light. A seminar in which you will find answers to the questions - who you are, why you are here, which qualities and presents do you bring with you and how can you show and use them in daily life. A seminar for all, who want to be their own “leader” of their life and whose duty also is to guide other people. A short but very deep journey of initiations in your own light with the support of the light salts"

Alinea Smaragda / Acc Consultant / Light-Center Leader Turkey - Kusadasi

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