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Initiation to Self Worth

Wisdom from the Salt

  • 1 hour
  • 1,200 euros
  • Zoom-Meeting

Service Description

Recognizing and accepting your own worth is the basis for almost everything in your life - along with self-love! Nevertheless, it is often easier for us to love ourselves - than to accept our self-worth. To value yourself means to love your value, to show yourself with all your being, not to hide your light under a bushel, as it is so aptly called. You think you are not ready yet, you think you have to get better first, wait a little longer, to acknowledge your value now would be presumptuous and too early? On the contrary, every day you wait is one day too many! For the initiation into your self-worth we meet on zoom and your eternal value is anchored in you. Salt can do that because salt lets you recognize your value! This brings healing vibrations into your whole being. You can no longer hide, you are simply visible and there and show yourself in your value. There is nothing more to negotiate. You know what you are worth and what suits you and what doesn't...! 

Contact Details

Nordweg 17, 87784 Westerheim, Deutschland

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