Salt speaks the language of silence.

It doesn't talk much but it does a lot.

If you are thinking to begin a journey towards yourself and your true essense - I am here for you.

Salt has this quality, it walks deep into the hidden and concealed, and reveals your innermost self, peeling off layer by layer all the masks that you have put on yourself for not being in your power.

Salt has devotion, unshakable faith, and pure love.

It is simple, humble and quiet. Nevertheless it does complicated work.

If you decided to meet your self, I am here for you.

Peace will be regained in your life.

Without peace, nothing really can be achieved.

If you already have done a lot of work but you want to go deeper into the mysteries of your soul, Salt will read the pearls of your heaven and the wisdom you hold in your soul.

We will bring Heaven on Earth.

Trust your calling and trust me.

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Upcoming Events

Family Karma Release

26 -27 March

Shiva Nataraja - Join the Dance

3 April


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Readings from the Cosmos of the Salts 


The Salt Worlds have the gift of wisdom – a different kind of Akasha

with information about everything and everyone from the beginning of Creation!

You can take answers to questions like: "why am I here on Earth now" 

and get in contact with the energy of your soul which is your true identity.

With the information you get you are prepared in the best way for a long period of time,

you know what to expect and you know what you have to work on.

The remembrance

of your soul, creates waves of changes

in your life.

Up Coming Events

Would you like to tap into the real thing?

Your life purpose, the origin of your light while you discover the qualities and the gifts you brought back with you in this life, experiencing at the same time great awakening? The transformative energy will infuse your being and your whole life!

Salting your Essence


Awakening into your own light

Family Karma Release

Peace in the past , peace in today

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